Sync allows you to continuously push and pull data to connect your product with other platforms.

Syncing data consists of two distinct functionalities.

  • When pushing out data, each transfer creates or updates (upserts) records.
  • When pulling in data, each transfer only shows records that have been created, updated, or deleted since the last transfer.

For pushing out data, Endgrate supports upsert integrations by default, so no special changes are needed.

For pulling in data, Endgrate supports the sync: true flag on your call to POST api/session/initiate. If this flag is specified, for subsequent transfers you will only receive the updated (new) data.

Additionally, setting save_session to true is useful to ensure sessions do not expire.

In summary, to sync data back and forth between your product and a third party platform, initiate your session with sync: true and save_session: true. When new data is created in your product, call POST api/push/transfer, and when you want to import new data into your product, call POST api/pull/transfer.